For Ginnie

Couldn’t help but take this photo, which I normally would not, as I don’t find these concrete water towers as attractive as many of the beautiful ancient buildings in the Netherlands. Most water towers in Ireland look like this. I think because they are not as old as the ones in the Netherlands? Probably because in the early days everyone in Ireland had his own well, or waterput, or pump next to the lake or river.

Even where I live now, I am not connected to the main water supply of the nearest town. I have my own well. Therefore the water contains a lot of iron, hence is a wee bit brown-ish every now and then. We do not use it to cook or drink, we have bottled water for that.

Anyway, this is one for Ginnie.

The water tower in Edenderry.

8 comments on “For Ginnie”

  1. Needless to say, you have made my day, Marion. 🙂 Just look at how beautiful that water tower is. I have to agree the ones I have seen in the Netherlands beat this one hands down. However, have you seen the ones in France? This is a work of art! THANK YOU.

  2. Now this would be quite attractive if it weren’t for all those transmitters(?) and the cables. However, I think this is more down to your processing rather than what the naked eye may see. Very nicely done.

  3. Only you could make a concrete water tower look fantastic!🙂

  4. We also have these modern tulips in our new suburbs. Our tulips do not have as many safety belts as this one. The older parts of town would be connected to a huge dam somewhere in a mountainside.
    I agree about the old dutch ones. Best one I have seen was somewhere in Sweden. I should have a picture somewhere🙂

  5. It needs a giant golf ball on top🙂 Good treatment.

  6. Looks like some medieval torture chamber!

  7. …and, its wearing a utility bet!

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