Faolchú liath – The Grey Wolf

Scientific name: Canis lupus
IUCN status: Listed
Habitat: Canada, Northern America, Russia, pockets of Eastern Europe – tundra, steppe, open woodland, forest
Diet:Carnivore – moose, elk, bison, reindeer, rabbits, beavers, domestic animals
Grey wolves – they can be any colour from black to white – used to enjoy the largest natural distribution of any mammal (except humans!) but they have suffered from human persecution, long-term habitat disturbance and diseases spread by domestic dogs. They live in well-organised packs with a complicated social system, usually with a female as leader.  The whole pack travels, hunts and raises cubs together.
Grey wolves once lived in the forests of Ireland but their habitat was cut down and they were hunted. The last wolf seen in Ireland was a female shot in County Carlow in 1786!
To me these animals are fascinating, and I can’t help but give them all the exposure possible, hence another photo, even when I already posted one a couple of days ago. This pack lives in Dublin Zoo. I took at least 20 photos of the troupe. Spent some brilliant time at their enclosure.

5 comments on “Faolchú liath – The Grey Wolf”

  1. I like your photo of the wolf pack very much Marion….peter:)

  2. I wanted to mention that there are still wolf packs running safe and free in the forests and mountains in Canada.
    They too had been hunted and killed by farmers and ranchers here in the 19th century are now listed as an endangered species and are well protected by strict Canadian laws.
    Thank you for bringing attention to these great animals Marion🙂

  3. Last one seen in Ireland in 1786!? That’s so sad, Marion. But then, if they hadn’t been forbidden to shoot in North America, the same would have been true for us. I totally understand your fascination!

  4. Beautiful animals and I can tell they don’t want to be fooled with.
    To me it looks like they have enough space to walk around and not like here in Holland, in a cage with only sand….😦
    Animals should be kept in their natural environment (if possible of course)
    Love the picture.

  5. Superb looking animals…even though I am more into cats than dogs.

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