A Furry beauty – The Snow Leopard

Scientific name: Uncia uncia

IUCN status: Endangered

Habitat: Central and southern Asia – mountain ranges

Diet: Carnivore – including wild boar, sheep, goats, deer, hares, marmots, birds

Snow leopards have long, thick fur to keep them warm. Their huge, furry paws help them to grip on slippery rocks, act like snowshoes to prevent them from sinking into deep snow, and protect their pads from sharp rock edges. Their exceptionally long tails are used for wrapping around their face and body for warmth and for balance when leaping. Instead of roaring, they greet each other with quiet ‘chuffing’ sounds.Excellent jumpers, snow leopards can leap over 16 metres (the human world record long-jump is 8.95 metres!).

One comment on “A Furry beauty – The Snow Leopard”

  1. Wonderful image…I had not appreciated how well their pattern hides them, even in grass.

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